Geckos Pack

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Date of Forming
January, 2012
Alpha Male(s)
Alpha Female(s)
Current Alpha Male
Current Alpha Female
Number of Members
Pregnant Female(s)
Evicted Wolves
Roving Male(s)
Dispersal Wolves
Recently Deceased

The Geckos Pack was founded in 2012 by a Young Ones male called Hazel and one Whiskers female called Tinker Bell. They became the dominant pair, and had a litter that consisted of Bruce, Oax, RU, and Hab. Sadly, Bruce was predated. As they had only two adult members, it was hard for them to establish a territory near larger packs, but they could take a small territory. However, soon a splinter group from the Young Ones, The Sequoia, made an attack led by Big Will. Being outnumbered and with pups, they ran off of their territory, but luckily they moved to Amethyst Mountain and established a land. In winter, a roving male from the Strikers called Orsal started stalking the pack, but Hazel chased him off.  In spring, Tinker Bell gave birth to PhooeyHong, and Genghis.  All of the pups survived their first year. In winter, roving males started to show up around the pack.  However, the resident males chased them off. In spring Tinker Bell was pregnant again, though it's unknown if she gave birth to a litter, if she did they probably all died underground.

Dominant Pair

Hazel and Tinker Bell founded the pack and they remain as the alpha pair today.

Rival packs

The Geckos main rivals were The Strikers and Thunder Pack, they also moved near the Agni Kai Pack. The thunder pack moved away so they were no longer their rivals and the Strikers died out. Right now their closest rivals are the Kung Fu, Ewoks and Whiskers, but they try to evoid confrontation with those larger packs.

Current Members

The Geckos have 8 members.

Hazel  Alpha Male

Tinker Bell  Alpha Female

RU  Beta





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