Slough Creek

Current Packs: Commandos Pack, Young Ones Pack, Sequoia Pack and Rascals Pack.

Commandos Pack: Lead by Zero and Queen of Darkness - Members: 25. 

Young Ones Pack: Lead by  Canis and Oriole - Members: 20.

Sequoia Pack: Lead by Rocket Dog and Avatar - Members: 15. 

Rascals Pack: Lead by Zarathustra and Vixen - Members: 12.

Fixed map territory slough creek

Amethyst Mountain

Current Packs: Agni Kai Pack, Kung Fu and Geckos Pack.

Agni Kai Pack: Lead by Zuko and Toph.  -Members: 18. 

Kung Fu Pack: Lead by Greegan and Kleintjie. -Members: 16.

Geckos Pack: Lead by Hazel and Tinker Bell. -Members: 8.

Amethyst mountain new map
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