There is a new feature added to the wikia. They are the new Wolf Codes. Each Code has their own meaning. For Example:

YM001 - This means that this particular wolf is in the Young Ones pack and is a male. The # 001 means that he was the first born into the Young Ones pack.

The (F) symbol means that a particular wolf is a Female.

The (M) symbol means that a particular wolf is a Male.

The (U) symbol means that a wolf's gender is Unknown.

Y - This stands for the Young Ones Pack.

SQ - This stands for the Sequoia Pack.

CD - This stands for the Commandos Pack.

RR - This stands for the Rascals Pack.

W - This stands for the Whiskers Pack.

JK- This stands for the Jackals Pack.

AK - This stands for the Agni Kai Pack.

GK - This stands for Geckos Pack.

KU - This stands for the Kung Fu Pack.

EK - This stands for Ewoks Pack.

DD - This stands for Drie Doring Pack.

F - This stands for Frisky Pack.

RS - Stands for RockStars Pack.

BX - Stands for Benx Pack.

D - Stands for Druids Pack.

NO - Stands for Nomads Pack.

HB - Stands for Hobgoblin Pack.

SC - Stands for Scooters Pack.

G - Stands for Gattaca Pack.

V - Stands for Vivian Pack.

BB - Stands for Baobab Pack.

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000 -  This stands for who the order in which a wolf was born into a pack.

These codes are to help identify an individual wolf. It is especially helpful for the pups that have died or been abandoned that were not given any names.


When a litter of pups is born, before each pup is given an individual code, the whole litter is given a code. For Example:

CD009003 - CD for Commandos pack, meaning this litter was born into the Commandos pack, 009 for 2009, meaning this litter was born in 2009, and 003 for 3rd litter, which says a 3rd litter of pups was born in the 

The Commandos Pack

Commandos pack in 2009. 
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