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This is a Realistic Roleplay website based on real wolf behavior. This roleplay takes place in Yellowstone National Park. There are four packs open for rping: Young Ones, Rascals, Whiskers and Drie Doring. You can have up to two characters in each pack, take a look at the Current Members' section and choose an available wolf! You can also check out the adoptable wolves here: , though it's better to look at each pack's pages individually. Please Check the Wiki often for exciting updates and news! Please read the Rules before starting. Before editing or adding a page, check out the Manual of Style! If you need help on how to rp read the Role Play Guide. If you need help with the Achivements look at the Achievements Guide. Feel free to look around and explore! If you have any questions, just ask one of us or the Founder Muzzlelad or the Admins Foa lan and Cinerescent.



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If you need help, please read: Manual of Style. If you are still confused or have more questions, ask a user, Founder, or Admin.

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Current Packs

Packs marked with (*) are outside of Yellowstone.

Young Ones                      





Agni Kais

Kung Fu


Drie Doring




To see the Lost Packs, click Lost Packs. You can also view the pack territories and other stats Here.                  

Realistic Pack Role Play

  • Current Season: Winter - Mating Season, Roving activity at max
  • Date: February 10th, 2015

Roleplay News

  • Fengo became the new alpha male of the Drie Doring.
  • Flash showed up at the Young Ones along with Dougal.
  • Flash attempted to mate with Animal but was violently attacked by Oriole.
  • Dougal and Flash encountered Maple and Lilly.

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Commandos Pack RP opening.

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